Facebook Buys Instagram For 1 Billion Dollars

Mark Zuckerberg announced that facebook has acquired the popular app instagram for the impressive amount of 1 Billion Dollars.Instagram is a free photo-sharing application that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter, then share it on a variety of social networking services including Instagram’s own.Instagram is one of the most popular apps right now, even from day 1,it had created a lot of impact and commotion. The App is available for apple ,as well as Android devices and distributed by Apple App Store and Google Play.

Instagram was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was launched on the App Store on October 2010.By December 2010 it had reached 1 million registered users.On June 2011 instagram announced that it had reached 5 million users and on December of the same year it had passed 10 million users.On April 2012,They announced they had tripled their registered user number ,reaching more than 30 million.When the App reached Android devices, it had already 1 million registered users within 12 hours.Instagram has made about 60 million dollars in revenues and has also won several awards including:

“Best Mobile App” from tech crunch

“App of the Year” from Apple inc

“Best Locally Made App” by SF weekly awards.

Record Breaking stock prices and Ipad Sales

Apple announced on Monday that it has sold more than 3 million ipads since it was first released last friday,March 16th, breaking a new record.”The strongest ipad launch yet.” “the customers are loving the new stunning retina display and features the new ipad has”said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.The new ipad is equipped with a brand new super sharp retina display and Apple’s new A5x chip with quad-core graphics.Analyst say that Apple could sell about 12 million new ipads by the end of the quarter.

This past weekend,Apple shares were seen close above $600 for the first time in history,breaking another record.Shares of Apple ended the day up 2.65%, or $15.53, to close at $601.10. This is the first time shares of the Cupertino-based company have closed out the day beyond that benchmark, and it brings the market cap value to $560.45 billion.The shares have increased 53% looking from a 3 month history and there is no sign the value is going to decrease on the upcoming months.Analysts say that stock value can reach up to $700.

Blackberry Update 2.0 and Windows 8

A few weeks back,Reasearch in motion(RIM) released a major awaited updated on the Blackberry playbook.In the new update you will be able to see e-mail, view calendars and contacts without pairing up with your Blackberry phone.It also features android vm,which means you can download android apps.The new update helps use more your tablet and cellphone together and it is capable of using your blackberry smartphone as a remote for your playbook.One can also use the blackberry keyboard to input text on your playbook. The update is available to download under the ”about”tab on your playbook.

Microsoft,Qualcomm,Nvidia,Silicom partners,as well as Texas Instruments worked hard,combined forces and announced that they are planning to launch their brand new windows 8 operating system around october.The new OS features a new app store and a whole new,easier to use and user friendly design compared to previous generations.The new OS will feature a  tile-based Start screen similar to the Windows Phone operating system. Each tile will represent an application, and will be able to display relevant information such as the number of unread messages on the tile for an e-mail app or the current temperature on a weather application.IT will also come with Internet explorer 10,as well as a new task manager design.Windows 8 will be available for both tablets and computers.

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